2019 Abstract Landscapes

A Walk Through Landscape Abstractions 61cmx91.4cm
Shapes and Line 45x45cm
Round and Round the Garden 50.8cmx76.2cm
Memories From the Past 50x65cm
Landscape Stroll 46x60cm
Landscape Impressions 50.8cmx76.2cm
Landscape Abstraction 87x73cm
A Tricky Journey
A Musical Journey 75x57cm
A Collage Journey Through the Landscape 50.8cmx101.6
Bird's Eye View 40cmx51cm
What if the past is hidden in this land (framed)82cmx116cm

2018 Collage Abstracts

Linking Up 41x41cm
Hidden Secrets 48.5x48.5cm
A Maze 40x51cm
A Journey 51x51cm
Spatial Relationship 51x51cm
Mind Game 31x31cm

2018 Cities Revisted

City Buzz - Sydney 90cm x 75cm
Times Square 1 61cm x 75cm
New York Miniature 10cm x 10cm
Manhattan - New York 50cm x 60.5cm
Intense 61cm x 91cm
Inner Sanctum New York 80cm x 90cm
Harbour View 51cm x 61cm
Cosmpolitan Manhattan
Cosmopolitan Layers 85cm x 105cm
Close Up 75cm x 60.5cm
City Impressions 45cm x 61cm
City Dilemma 55cm x 71cm
Times Square 2 75cm x 60.5cm

2015, 2016 The Centre

Breaking Out 98x130cm
Uluru Mystique 37.5cmx76cm mixed media
The Moon is Blue 75x90cm
The Magic of Uluru 95cmx95cm mixed media jpg
Sacred Waterhole 90x90cm
Red Flame 76cmx76cm
Move Over 75cmx90cm
Layers of the Landscape 75cmx100cm jpg
History Within the Rock 61x91.4cm
Desert colours 76cmx102cm jpg
Ancestral Story 60cmx75cm jpg
A Touch of Red 50x60cm
Trio Plus 45.5x45.5cm

2014 Paris Paintings

A Oui Bit of Red
In the Mix 45x45cm
Les Chair 45x45cm m.media
Les Chat Noir 22x30cm mixed media
Curious Collection 45x45cm
That's Mr. Eiffel to you 62x92cm mixed media
The Long and the Short of It 36x46cm
Traffic Jam 50x50cm
The Metro 75x95cm
The Melting Pot" 50x50cm mixed media
La Defense 22x30cm mixed media
Seine at Your Service" 80x90cm
Arc de Too Late 45x45cm mixed media
Balloons in Flight 50x50cm
Celebrations 14.5x21cm
City of Love 22x30cm
Good Morning Paris, How Are You?
Paris Revisited 48x48cm(framed)
Cruise the City
Starry starry night 40x50cm mixed media
Sentiments 50x50cm

2014 Les Vestiges

Sapience 75 x 95cm
Les Vestige 275 x 80cm
Hidden Terrain 75 x 80cm
Les Vestige 5 95 x 95cm

Colour Field

A Song of Freedom 60 x 75cm
Colour Field 50.5 x 60.5cm
A Fresh Start
Flowing Free 45.5 x 61cm
Comfortable Silence 85 x 105cm
Colour Dynamics 46 x 46cm
Pink's Journey 51 x 51cm
Yellow in Minority 75 x 95cm
Wild and Free
Green in Contention 50 x 76cm