Wendy Hope

Spontaneous. Colourful. Creative.

About Wendy

Wendy Hope is a Sydney based artist whose full time professional career began in 1995. She has since cemented her reputation for producing focused, highly resolved work with specialised technical skill, earning her widespread acclaim as an innovative 'colourist'.

Hope completed 6 years of formal training in drawing and painting at Meadowbank and St. George Tafe Colleges. In 2008 she graduated in painting from COFA ( College of Fine Arts.) She has been exhibiting in Private Galleries and art shows throughout Sydney and regional country areas during this time. Hope has attended numerous workshops with well known artists through Charles Sturt University, Willoughby Art Centre, National Art School and Boyd Centre at Bundanon to name a few.

Her work represents a spontaneous, colourful and creative surface consisting of acrylic transparent washes, collage and line. Hope's paintings are neither allegorical or symbolic. Nothing remains the same until the work is finished. Her works are timeless mysteries, ever moving and charged with emotional energy.

Art Philosophy

Colour, texture and line are features of my work. I rely on layers of strong shapes, transparent washes of acrylic paint, mixed media and line to create a feeling of depth and space. My abstract paintings are based on the Australian Landscape. I try to look for meaning in the landscape; to challenge what I see and to make judgement on how I wish to interpret what I see. I am looking for the spirituality, energy and essence that evoked my emotions. I want this in my work. I have spent years “pushing and pulling” paint. I am still in awe of the sudden burst of creative energy and wonder why it occurs and from where it has come. I have to move with it when it occurs and accept the work. The work is exciting and the pulse is strong. That is enough.

My new studio space is peaceful and harmonious. I have no set time to paint- the creative cycle can occur anytime. I record nature’s details with a camera, quick watercolour sketches or drawings and this increases my ability to see lines shapes and patterns in the landscape. I then make simple diagrams of my sketches. I use these as a springboard for larger works. I love the unpredictable outcomes of this process. I have no end result in mind. The paintings show me where to go.I find trial and error and practice are the way to go but creating is an inherent process. My journey has been one of research, study and experience. This has been followed by desire, passion and this innate ability to create. I have always looked at and learned from the masters but I enjoy creating my own original paintings that stand on their own strength.

Some aspects of my work is intuitive and other times I am problem solving and drawing on knowledge gained over a long period of time . I have no preset formulas for painting as there are many unpredictable elements that occur. I work from my feelings and meet the market at my own level, working to find an audience for my work, not working for an audience. I usually work in a series. In my studio, I arrange my current works so I can view their progress without distraction. I absorb the atmosphere and enjoy the peace of the space. I like to throw the viewer into this space and give them a different view. I want them to feel the spirituality and wonder as I work. I would like to think that my works are timeless mysteries, ever moving and charged with emotional energy.

Les Vestige 5 95 x 95cm
Les Vestige 5 95 x 95cm
A Collage Journey Through the Landscape 50.8cmx101.6
A Collage Journey Through the Landscape 50.8cmx101.6


Hidden Secrets 48.5x48.5cm
Hidden Secrets 48.5x48.5cm

Art History

  • 2008 Graduate Certificate in Painting- Cofa, Sydney NSW
  • 2007 Master of Art by Coursework-Cofa, Sydney NSW
  • 2006 Painting/Drawing Master Class (Gary Foye)
  • 2005 Printmaking Master Class- National Art School, Sydney
  • 2002 Workshops (John Wolsely, Judith White and Tony Tozer)
  • 2001 1 year Master Class (Drawing) Meadowbank TAFE
  • 2000 1 year Master Class (Painting)-St,George TAFE
  • 1996-9 Statement of Attainment in Advanced Fine Arts-Meadowbank TAFE, Fine Arts Certificate 1V (Drawing/Painting) Meadowbank TAFE
  • 1994-6 Studio Painting and numerous workshops (Patrick Shirvington,Patrick Carroll)
  • 1993 Commenced art career fulltime
Memories From the Past 50x65cm
Memories From the Past 50x65cm

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2014 "Les Vestiges"- Purple Noon Gallery, Freeman's Reach, Sydney
  • 2013 "Mapping the Landscape"- Purple Noon Gallery, Freeman's Reach, Sydney
  • 2012 “Landscape Journey”- Docker Street Gallery, Wagga Wagga
  • 2010 “Shadows of the Centre”- Brush Farm House, Eastwood"
  • 2008 “A Journey” - Richard Martin Gallery, Sydney
  • 2003 “Finding My Line” - Headmasterʼs Cottage Gallery, St. Ives.
  • 2002 “Abstractions” - Headmasterʼs Cottage Gallery, St. Ives
Celebrations 14.5x21cm
Celebrations 14.5x21cm
Colour Field 50.5 x 60.5cm
Colour Field 50.5 x 60.5cm

Group Exhibitions

  • 2014 Trevisan-international-Art, Bologna, Italy
  • 2014 Agora Gallery, Chelsea, New York
  • 2012 Melbourne Affordable Art Exhibition
  • 2012 Gallery Oscar, Turramurra
  • 2011 Gallery Oscar, Turramurra
  • 2011 Hunters Hill Art Prize
  • 2011 Hunters Hill Art Prize
  • 2010 Singleton Art Prize
  • 2010 Lillipilli Art Prize Coffs Harbour
  • 2010 Port Macquarie Art Prize
  • 2010 Singleton Art Prize-Highly Commended-Abstract
  • 2008 Norville Art Prize- Selected Finalist-Highly Recommended
  • 2006 Porters Gallery 2, Kenthurst
  • 2006 Dubbo Indoors Gallery-Lexus Prize Exhibition (Finalist)
  • 2004 Porters Gallery 2, Kenthurst, North Sydney TAFE Regional Touring Exhibition
  • 2002 Norton Art Gallery, North Sydney
  • 2002 A-Space-on-Cleveland Exhibition, Surrey Hills
  • 2002 Porters Gallery, Kenthurst
  • 2002 North Sydney Art Prize( Abstract award) Willoughby Art Workshop Exhibition Hunter Gallery, Parramatta
  • 2001 Norton Gallery North Sydney
  • 2000 City with a Differenceʼ, Norton Gallery, Sydney
  • 2000 Artsnorth (Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE) Annual Exhibition
  • 2000 Porters Gallery, Kenthurst Royal Easter Show Exhibition Hunters Hill Art Exhibition Camden Art Exhibition Drummoyne Art Exhibition Waverley Art Exhibition Liverpool Art Exhibition
  • 1999 NSW TAFE Marks and Matters-Drawing Exhibition- Tin Sheds Gallery Sydney
  • 1999 Invitation Arts and Design- Fine Arts Graduates ( Finalist) ASN Gallery Sydney- Fine Arts Graduates
  • 1999 Porters Gallery Kenthurst
  • 1998 MCA Invitation Exhibition + ASN Gallery Sydney
The Moon is Blue 75x90cm
The Moon is Blue 75x90cm

Publications (2008)

  • Class Glamour Magazine, London - Nov, Dec. January issues
  • Sydney Morning Herald (Sydney Magazine-June)
  • Dynamic Business Article (“Where the Art Is”)- June
  • NSW Art Gallery Look Magazine
  • Australian Artist Magazine - Portfolio
  • Wendy Hopeʼs work can be found in private and corporate collections in Australia and New Zealand